about Manabu Ishihara,

             Diplome d'Osteopathie 

Thank you for coming this site.

I am Manabu Ishihara, a Japanese Osteopath.

​I graduated from Still Academy Japan in 2018, which is the Osteopathy school in Tokyo.


My history

I was a care worker for mentally handicapped children at the oldest special institute in Japan for 4 years in late 80's.


I saw many kids in the institute, they had to take so many medical pills to "stable" their conditions.

I wanted to look for better ways to change their situation.

I talked about it with my friends, then one friend of mine told me about Osteopathy.

didn't know what was Osteopathy, but I was very interested in his words about Osteopathy.

After that, when I was 25 years old, in 1990, I started to learn Osteopathic manual therapies at the small seminars in Japan.

I treated many retired citizens at the Nursing home.

And I have been treating many challenged kids, autistic kids, epilepsy, ADHD, etc,

and got good results.


What Osteopath Do


Cranial Osteopathy


Visceral Manipulation


Structure technics


Neuro Muscular Therapy

Sakura Yoyogi 1F

Yoyogi 1-6-3, Shibuta-ku

Tokyo, Japan





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